Why choosing “European Trade Systems/ETC“?

First of all it is a reasonable solution for those who are focused on the efficient development of retail chains as well as on discovering an optimal “concept solution” for franchising partners in Europe, Ukraine, Russia and other countries:


We use own production base to provide:
– all types of paint coating (polymer, liquid) and exclusive wooden and other materials finishing
– processing of stainless steel and black metal as well as all types of metal profile & perforation
– projecting and assembling of individual design metal work, etc.


– We can use standard materials from our warehouse to adopt into concept and minimize the cost of ready units to a reasonable level.


– High qualification level of our professionals on the one hand and the competitive labour cost compared to the European one on the other hand are the perfect base for the unique offer.


– The beneficial geographical position allows us to manage a favorable way of land-delivery as well as to provide a prompt installation of the shop fitting out.
– We issue the necessary production /export certificates to support easiest customs clearance of furniture in countries of destination.


– We provide after-sales /after-installation guarantee service.


– Due to the benefits of the own production, the well considered logistics and the competitive cost price “ETS” group can make the unique offer:  good price (20-30% lower than in Europe) and at the same time the high quality of the customized production

We are ready to give you the quotation for the shop fit out for one of your shops to convince you in the competitiveness of our prices. Than we would produce the test models of the equipment lest there would be any doubt  in the highest quality of our production.